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An alternative, extended calculator(software), originally developed by my grandson Niklas Burggraaff at 10 years of age (!).
It is suitable for a long sequence of calculations as necessary in large equations.
      It has two input options (X and Y) and it can perform transformations of X and Y before doing the operations with X and Y.
The results (Z) can be moved to X or Y to continue the next sequence of transformations and operations, or they can
be stored in S for later use in X or Y.
      The record of actions is shown in a tracking table.
In the example below, first the value 4 was entered for X, next the square root of X=4 was taken (resulting in 2),
then the the value 3 was entered for Y whereupon the square of Y=3 was taken (resulting in 9),
and finally X and Y were added to result in 11.
                                  Screenprint of the alternative calculator in elementary mode and Y-status:



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