References to articles in concept regarding software applications.

1. Variations of leaching efficiency determined with soil salinity models calibrated in farm lands and related to soil texture. On line:
leaching efficiency

2. The potato variety "927"" tested at the Salt Farm Texel,The Netherlands, proved to be highly salt tolerant. On line: potato "927"

3. Fitting the versatile linearized, composite, and generalized logistic probability distributiom to a data set. On line:
logistic distribution

4. Example of an approximately normally distributed data set to which a large number of different probability distributions can be fitted. On line: multiple fit

5. Comparing steady and non-steady state subsurface drainage using calculations with relevant models. On line:
subsurface drainage

6. Mapping facilities of the spatial agro-hydro-soil-salinity model SahysMod. On line: Mapping facilities

7. The groundwater hydraulics of the Garmsar alluvial fan, Iran, assessed with the SahysMod model. On line: Garmsar fan

8. Trend of annual averages of daily average temperatures in the Netherlands since 1900 first showing slow and then fast increases. On line: daily temperatures

9. Trend of the annually maximum temperatures in the Netherlands since 1900 first showing slow and after 1988 faster increases.
On line: yearly maximum temperatures

10. Comparing drain and well spacings in deep semi-confined aquifers for water table and soil salinity control. On line:
drain and well spacings

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