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The following consultancy mission and project reports with descriptions of particular land and water management situations in different continents were not published before.

Reports 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 can be consulted on line, either partly or as a summary.

Requests for copies of the other ones may be sent using the contact form.

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figure Garmsar alluvial fan

The irrigated alluvial fan of Garmsar, Iran
1 - 2008. Drainage and reclamation in the Huarmey coastal vallley, Peru. Report of a Consultancy assignment to Ground Water International, Lima. 17 pp.
Download here (summary).

2 - 2004. Improvement of tidal irrigation, drainage and reclamation of salinized land under date palms in Abadan Island, Iran. Report of a Consultancy Assignment to Abvarzan Co., Tehran, 20 pp.
Download here (summary).

3 - 2000. Irrigation, groundwater, wells, drainage and soil salinity control in the alluvial fan of Garmsar, Iran assessments with the Sahysmod model Iran. Report an FAO consultancy assignment. ILRI,Wageningen, 22 p. Download here (summary).

4 - 2001. Groundwater use, Drainage and Land Reclamation in the alluvial fan of Garmsar Irrigation Project, Iran. Report of a FAO follow-up consultancy assignment. ILRI, Wageningen, 19 pp. Click here (summary).

5 - 1999. Hydrological and Environmental Impacts of the Irrigation Improvement Projects in Egypt, Nile Valley and Delta. Report of a consultancy assignment to the Egyptian-Dutch Water management Panel. ILRI, Wageningen, 51 pp.
Download here (partly).

6 - 1995. Waterlogging and flood control in sugar cane lands in coastal valleys. Report of a consultancy assignment to the Sugar Research and Development Corporation, Australia. ILRI, Wageningen. 13 pp.

7 - 1991 (June) Report of a consultancy assignment to the Central Soil Salinity Research Institute at Canning Town, India, on reclamation and water management of the salt affected soils in the coastal lowlands of the Sunderbans. 15 pp.
Download here (summary)

8 - 1990 (Aug.) Review of water management aspects, Pulau Petak, South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Mission Report 39, Research on Acid Sulphate Soils in the Humid Tropics (an Indonesian-Dutch research project). ILRI/LAWOO, Wageningen, 29 pp., 8 Appendices.
Download here (partly).

9 - 1989. Drainage parameters, criteria and design in Mexican irrigation projects and districts. Technical working paper drafted at the occasion of anFAO/CP-WB mission to Mexico to evaluate the irrigation and drainage sub-sector programme eligible for WB funding. ILRI, Wageningen. 12 pp.
Download here (summary)

10 - 1989. Informe de la mision de evaluacion del Proyecto de Desarollo Rural en Micro Regiones del Departamento de Cuzco (PRODERM), Peru. 65 pp., 8 appendices.
Download here (partly)

11 - 1989 (Feb.). Proposals for drainage research through pilot areas in the fringes of the Nile Delta. Report of a consultancy assignment to the Pilot Areas and Drainage Technology Project of the Drainage Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt. ILRI, Wageningen. 30 pp.

12 - 1987. Report on a consultancy assignment to the Punata Irrigation Project near Cochabamba, Bolivia. ILRI, Wageningen, and KfW, Frankfurt. 71 pp., 5 appendices.
Download here (partly)
figure Punata alluvial fan
Irrigated alluvial fan of Punata, Bolivia

figure Okavango alluvial fan
Alluvial fan (inland delta) of Okavango, Botswana
13 - 1986. The Molapo Development Project, Okavango Delta, Botswana: project evaluation report and proposal for continuation. ILRI, Wageningen, and GTZ, Eschborn. 91 pp, resp. 34 pp., 2 appendices.
Download here (partly)

14 - 1985. Report of a consultancy assignment to the Wetlands (small valleys) Utilization Research Project of IITA in Sierra Leone and Nigeria. ILRI, Wageningen. 25 pp. 8 appendices.
Download here (summary)

15 - 1982. The Baluchistan Minor Irrigation and Agricultural Development Project, Pakistan. Appraisal Mission Report. ILRI, Wageningen. 12 pp., 3 appendices.
Download here (summary)

16 - 1981. Report of a consultancy assignment to the Land and Acid Sulphate Soils Reclamation Project, Guinea-Bissau. ILRI, Wageningen. 16 pp. (in Dutch), 5 appendices (in French).
Download here (summary)

17 - 2020. Applying SegRegA to the annual average temperature trend from 1900 to 2020 in the Netherlands resulting from global warming; analysis by segmented linear regression types and curved functions such as S-curve, Power curve, generalized quadratic and cubic regressions. Download from: average temperature.pdf

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